About Us

DART EDUCATION are a newly established consultancy and publisher providing a range of education services for teachers, pupils and other education specialists in Devon, throughout the UK and internationally.

We specialise in:

  • Schools videoconferencing
  • Education consultancy
  • Multimedia production and publishing
  • Marketing, promotion and conference management

The company was established by Tim Arnold in March 2013. Tim taught English, Media and Drama before joining the Devon Education Service as an Advisory Teacher. He became Adviser for Digital Media Education and went on to manage the Digital Media Education Centre (DMEC) film and video production team and the Devon LDP publications operation, producing and marketing multimedia education resources for schools and settings throughout the UK and internationally. He went on to work for Babcock International as Adviser for Digital Media.

Tim specialises in the use of digital video in the classroom and during the past 15 years he has worked in over 200 schools throughout Devon setting up and developing the use of educational videoconferencing.

He has also worked on a number of national and international videoconferencing projects for the Department for Education and Skills (DES) and the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) and has co-written a number of publications including Videoconferencing in the Classroom (2002 and 2004) for the DES Videoconferencing across the Curriculum (2009) for Becta.

Tim’s work for the TDA, the government’s Training and Development Agency for schools involved linking UK Universities and schools in Durham, Manchester, Oxford and Sunderland with Universities and schools in France, Germany, Spain and, most recently, China.