Teaching Serial Drama 2018

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A new resource developed specifically to support teachers preparing students for AQA GCSE Media Studies on Teaching Serial Television Drama 2018 written by Dr Sara Mills, an experienced Media Studies teacher, examiner and author.

This download package contains a wealth of exciting and user-friendly material designed to give students a thorough grounding in this subject.

  • PowerPoints focusing on each of the key concepts as they relate to Serial Television Drama: Genre, Audience, Representation, and Institutions
  • Each PowerPoint is ready to use in class and exemplified by links to clips of serial dramas, posters, websites and other useful material
  • Relevant and recent examples
  • Viewing Activities support students’ watching of whole texts, helping them to focus on the key concepts and get the most out of screenings
  • Realistic practice Preliminary Material and Examination Papers help to prepare students for the exam.
  • User-friendly and designed with mixed ability students in mind
  • Ready to use in class
  • Teaching Notes suggest an outline approach to the topic and how to use the materials

Topics include

  • What is Serial Television Drama? – exploring the conventions of the genre
  • Genres and sub-genres
  • Narrative theories made easy!
  • Who watches Serial Television Drama – and why
  • How to apply audience theories to Serial Television Drama
  • Case studies of the Institutions that make Serial Television Drama
  • Big budget, small budget and micro budget television
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Stereotypes and representations of gender in Serial Television Drama
  • A step by step guide to designing and marketing your own Serial Television Drama
  • Relevant media theory and terminology

Available July 2017


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