Less Good Writing


Written by Richard Durant, Babcock LDP English Adviser

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This new manual develops writing across the secondary curriculum.  It is designed to support literacy co-ordinators and senior leaders in defining priorities, getting activity going and ensuring that it embeds.  The book also contains a wealth of advice and ideas which teachers will find of immediate practical use in their lessons.  In secondary schools students encounter demands on their literacy skills that are often not even acknowledged by their teachers, let alone supported.  However we not only need to improve the quality of writing, we also need to question its quantity to ensure that teachers give students opportunities for other ways of recording and consolidating their learning.  In short, we need less, good writing.  This book provides a clear rationale for improvement as well as some effective short cuts to success.
The English and Literacy Co-ordinator at a school in Plymouth says –
“How useful I’m finding your book.  It’s really helping me to claify the school literacy priorities and has made the daunting task of organising staff training seem manageable.  It’s great to read a book which is so user friendly and practical”

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