Bonjour Milo! Under-the-Sea Adventure

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Written and developed by Sparkle Speak

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Come surfing with Milo and meet his friends beneath the waves – a turtle, a starfish and a seahorse.  A scary shark threatens to spoil their fun, but there is a surprise for Milo.

Amazing Milo’s Under-the-Sea Adventure gives children aged four-to-eight a magical start to learning French.   Starring a boy called Milo and his best friend Amélie, it is a beautifully animated mini adventure that works as a short play, song, story, dance or puppet show.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know French yourself as the CD-Rom contains everything you need to learn the play and teach your children to perform it .

Designed for the PC, this disc is ideal for the electronic whiteboard. Supported by teacher notes and printable resources including a tabletop theatre, lollipop puppets, headbands and flashcards, it helps children internalise core language structures by ‘living’ the adventure.
Key Features
• Exciting storyline linked to a popular curricular theme.
• Practice in core language structures to be built on in Key Stage 2 and beyond.
• Catchy song and script performed by French native speaker.
• Adorable characters to whom the children become attached.
• Rhyme, rhythm and repetition to support natural language acquisition.
• Colourful animation and actions to aid children’s comprehension.
• Printable resources to aid children’s memory and performance.
• Support for both non-specialist and specialist teachers.
• Flexibility to be used in multiple ways and at your own pace.
• Ideal for performance.
• Easy to use. No software to download.

What is on the disc?
• Animated musical version of the play featuring a native French singer.
• Illustrated storybook version with sound files featuring a native French
• Action video featuring real children performing the musical version.
• Bonus animated warm-up song.
• Teacher support notes including translated transcripts.
• Printable pictures (colour and black-and-white) for use as flashcards or puppets, and templates to create headbands, a story slider and tabletop theatre.

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