Bonjour Milo! Rainforest Quest

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Written and developed by Sparkle Speak

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Milo is searching the tropical rainforest for his cheeky monkey friend Coco.  A Blue Morpho butterfly and tree frog try to help but it is a sleepy old sloth that saves the day.
Amazing Milo’s Rainforest Quest gives children aged four-to-eight a magical start to learning French. Starring a boy called Milo and his best friend Amélie, it is a beautifully animated mini adventure that works as a short play, song, story, dance or puppet show.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know French yourself as the CD-Rom contains everything you need to learn the play and teach your children to perform it.

Designed for the PC, this disc is ideal for the electronic whiteboard. Supported by teacher notes and printable resources including a tabletop theatre, lollipop puppets, headbands and flashcards, it helps children internalise core language structures by ‘living’ the adventure.
Key Features
• Exciting storyline linked to a popular curricular theme.
• Practice in core language structures to be built on in Key Stage 2 and beyond.
• Catchy song and script performed by French native speaker.
• Adorable characters to whom the children become attached.
• Rhyme, rhythm and repetition to support natural language acquisition.
• Colourful animation and actions to aid children’s comprehension.
• Printable resources to aid children’s memory and performance.
• Support for both non-specialist and specialist teachers.
• Flexibility to be used in multiple ways and at your own pace.
• Ideal for performance.
• Easy to use. No software to download.

What is on the disc?
• Animated musical version of the play featuring a native French singer.
• Illustrated storybook version with sound files featuring a native French
• Action video featuring real children performing the musical version.
• Bonus animated warm-up song.
• Teacher support notes including translated transcripts.
• Printable pictures (colour and black-and-white) for use as flashcards or puppets, and templates to create headbands, a story slider and tabletop theatre.

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