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Sing your way through the day….en français!

Featuring children from L’Ecole Française de Bristol, this collection of short, fun songs will help you integrate French into daily classroom routines.
Each song is linked to a typical primary classroom transition time, such as lunch and tidying up, and comes with an instrumental version and translated lyrics. There are also lovely French versions of Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells for those special occasions.
The songs not only embed key French phrases and vocabulary but act as a tool for getting everybody doing what they are meant to be doing!

Track list. (each track comes with an instrumental version)

1. Bonjour mes amis (Hello friends)
2. Venez tous (Come on everyone)
3. Mettez-vous en rang (Line up)
4. C’est midi (It’s lunchtime)
5. Rangeons la salle de classe (Let’s tidy up)
6. Au revoir mes copains (Bye friends)
7. Bon weekend (Have a good weekend)
8. Bon weekend – short version
9. Vive le vent (Jingle Bells)
10. Joyeux anniversaire (Happy birthday)

You will receive an email with mp3s of all the songs, instrumental versions and a PDF with translated lyrics.

Audio samples are available on our YouTube channel


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