Take 10 – every move counts – Single user disc

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Written by teachers and advisers in Devon.


This interactive disc for primary schools provides a range of movement ideas to enhance
the delivery of Daily Physical Activity (DPA).

Take 10 every move counts can be used as a standalone resource but also builds on the
success of, and integrates with, Take 10 Fit to Succeed. The 60 activities are grouped in 3
main sections: Basic Moves, Revive and Relax. All the activities are designed to be
delivered in the classroom in short time slots. They are not intended to replace the existing
DPA timetable but to enrich it and provide greater flexibility for teachers. Each activity is presented as video clips.
he first clip provides a walk through or activity outline and is followed by a full demonstration of the action, sequence or dance. These can be used with a whole class streamed to an interactive board or, for example, with a group
working from a laptop. Some activities could be adapted and taken into a school hall for
mass participation. Basic Moves – Wake Up: a series of gentle actions to prepare the body
for movement, raising the heart and breathing rate. Energise: activities to develop upper and
lower body strength, raise the heart rate for a longer period and develop co-ordination.
Stretch: stretches, deep breathing and slower movements. Revive – Activities and dances to
raise the heart rate and improve coordination. Themes: Animals, Days Out, Off to Work, Get
Set, Go! Keep Moving, Bollywood, Street Dance, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Latino. Relax – Stories
combining controlled stretching and breathing to relax the body and mind and develop
flexibility, balance and core strength. Themes: Animals, Food, The Seasons and Journeys.


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