Take Mali


Edited by Chris Wakely


Take Mali is an innovative, cross-curricular resource, packed with fun and easy to use audio-visual activities which Key Stage 2 and 3 teachers can dip into, or follow consecutively.

It has been designed to support children with their progression in Intercultural Understanding at Key Stage 2 and 3, through French, Geography and Global Citizenship. There are also numerous links to other curriculum areas, such as Art and Design, Dance, Music and Literacy.

Children will experience a fascinating journey to another continent – West Africa – on a fascinating exploration of the French-speaking country of Mali, where they have the opportunity to engage with local Malians, both children and adults, listen to authentic French and explore similarities and differences between their own and Malian daily lives, values and attitudes.

A range of exciting video, audio and ICT-based resources have been developed to allow learners to gain an insight into some of the people, places and traditions of this culturally and historically rich country.

The resource pack consists of:

A resource book

A large (A4-size) spiral-bound book containing 58 activities:

  • 29 activities introducing the geography, people and culture of Mali.
  • 29 activities exploring tourism, and sustainable development in Mali.

highlighting the resources you will need for each unit and the preparation required before the lesson. The learning outcomes are also identified, as is the Key French Language the children will learn to recognise when doing the activity.There are links to the accompanying DVDs.

2 DVDs

  • Video, ICT and audio materials in French, English and other languages of Mali

A photo CD

  • A selection of photographs from Mali. This includes a series of photographs of “Cyril le singe” (Cyril the monkey) on holiday in Mali, which may be deemed particularly appropriate for KS1 or younger KS2 pupils.

The resource at a glance


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