Take 10 phonics en francais

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Created by Jenny Core, Sarah Butcher, Fi Davis, Catriona Ferguson.  Edited by Chris Wakely & Jenny Core


T10 Phonics ef  wall charts.pdfTake 10 Phonics en français has been written by expert teachers in Devon and is aimed at teachers and learners of French in both primary and secondary schools. Teachers asked for more support with pronunciation, sound-spelling links and the skills needed for phonics teaching. Learners become more independent and confident in their language learning when they build on what they already know about phonics in English.

“Take 10 Phonics in French is an incredibly effective resource to teach children the most fundamental aspect of learning any language.  I have included the resource as a key feature in every language lesson across our school and everyone is enthusiastic.  Our teachers are impressed with the systematic, crystal-clear approach to unravelling the correspondence between letters and sounds and our children tell us that the learning is fun.  Take 10 Phonics provides a real and essential learning experience!”
Alison Bloomfield, Primary MFL co-ordinator, Trafford.

“Brilliantly useful, top quality and genius”
Jennie Wilson, primary French teacher and Sparklespeak publisher.

This resource comprises an interactive disc with sound and video files, fun activities to practise each phoneme, teachers’ notes and printable charts and flashcards to support the teaching of phonicsT10 Phonics ef  wall charts.pdfT10 Phonics ef  wall charts.pdf

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T10 Phonics ef  wall charts.pdf


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