Take 10 en francais


Edited by Chris Wakely


Take 10 en francais  helps primary school children practise their French in a fun way whilst taking part in short tasks of daily physical activity.   In doing so it brings together two major educational initiatives and offers the potential to significantly improve children’s learning potential.
Packed with fun activities including action songs, chasing games, coordination and manipulation exercises and activities for small spaces.   The activities help children to improve their listening and speaking skills in a foreign language.  The physical exercise helps energise connections between the right and left halves of the brain, improving its capacity to learn.
Take 10 en francais comprises a booklet plus:
DVD of Action Songs
CD with sung and karaoke versions of each song
CD to help teachers give instructions in the foreign language.
Take 10 Languages resources are easy to use even for teachers who lack confidence in their own foreign language skills.


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