Using and Applying – Maths lessons


Written by Babcock LDP Devon Primary Maths Advisers


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Using and Applying is about HOW we ask children to engage with the mathematics they encounter and HOW we ask them to think about it.  It is about problem solving, commuicating and reasoning, which should be part of every mathematics lesson.

This publication provides practical ideas for the making, using and applying part of every lesson. It gets behind the terminology and theory, suggests ways of putting this into practice and provides resources for teachers to use. This includes an appendix of questions and statements for Reception through to Y6, linked to the NNS objectives, that can be used to start lessons. These are aimed at getting the children to think about the mathematics rather than just ‘doing’ an activity. It also looks in detail at the place of communication in maths, including talk and writing. Different genres of mathematical writing are explored and examples of these gentres, produced both by teachers and children, are included in the book.

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