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Written by the Babcock LDP Primary Maths Team

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NEW Complete Programme Supporting Fluency with Number Facts by the Babcock LDP Primary Mathematics Team
The programme is easy to use, flexible and comprehensive. With plenty of guidance to improve teachers’ own subject knowledge, engaging activities and helpful resources, this pack enables you to implement an effective number facts programme for Years 1 to 6.

It focuses on using understanding of mathematical relationships and making connections between what is known and unknown, putting reasoning at the heart of teaching for fluency.

This is in line with the aims of both the National Curriculum and Teaching for Mastery.

* The elements of the National Curriculum that focus on number facts are grouped around key understandings in each year, so that the content follows a clear progression.

* Teaching activities are designed to run for 15-30 minutes.

* Resources for use in the activities are provided.

* Lesson organisation is clear but flexible, so it can be adapted to the needs of your pupils.

* The included USB stick contains editable files of all overviews, lessons plans and resources, as well as video guidance from the authors.

To see the Programme Overview and samples of the books please click on the Book samples and Overview tab above.

The pack contains:

Year 1 book, Year 2 book, Year 3 book, Year 4 book,Year 5 book,

Year 6 book, USB stick

ISBN:  978 1 4747 49541

Price:  £299


NNNF Year 1 – sample

NNNF Year 3 – sample

NNNF Year 6 – sample

NNNF Programme Overview


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