Assessment through Guided Maths – Book and DVDs


Written by the Babcock LDP Maths team in 2010

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Produced in response to the national focus on assessment which has resulted in schools identifying a need for support with guided maths, identifying significant evidence and providing activities rich in opportunities for making decisions, communicating and reasoning (using and applying).  It has been written to support training and development of staff around these key areas.  The activities chosen allow children with a wide range of mathematical attainment to access them (low threshold) whilst having the potential for being explored at a higher level, often well beyond that expected at Y6 (high ceiling).  For some activities, children’s work and teachers; assessment notes have been included as real examples of significant evidence.

The two DVDs have high quality guided sessions in KS1 and KS2, all using activities from the book.   A suggested training sequence is also provided with accompanying powerpoint on a third disc and notes.

Assessment is part of the craft of teaching and we hope these resources will help to support teachers in developing that craft further.

“If done at all, guided maths has been a Marmite experience in many classrooms. It’s either done very well or very badly, leaving children either loving it or hating it. A practical guide on how to do it with flair and panache is long overdo so thank the maths heavens for Devon’s Primary Maths Team who have given us something to use as a life-raft in the troubled waters of group work.”

John Dabell, ATM

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