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Bringing Grammar and Punctuation alive in the classroom
How do we help children retain sentence level learning and be able  to recall it independently at the relevant point? Are you looking for creative ways to respond to the challenge of the new English grammar, punctuation and spelling test?
This publication is a practical tool for helping teachers to teach grammar and punctuation and develop children’s understanding of how to use these technical features to write clearly and create effects for their reader.
The writer’s toolkit makes a link between a real-life tool and key sentence level feature: each tool in the kit enables an association to be made between the use of that tool and a writing skill that can be viewed in a similar way. Children can use this analogy to help them understand the writing process and how it works. And, as children love to collect things, building their own toolkit motivates them to engage with each tool and apply what they are learning!
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Book, teacher cards, pupil cards, poster


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