No Nonsense Phonics Skills Set

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The nine books in the No Nonsense Phonics Skills programme provide a comprehensive step-by-step method of teaching reading, handwriting and spelling in the English language. Author Debbie Hepplewhite guides the learner and the teacher through a series of carefully designed systematic phonics routines to master the complex English Alphabetic Code. Each book is rich in content providing phonics instruction and exercises with ‘cumulative’ code, words and texts developing language comprehension and building up knowledge of ‘spelling word banks’. High-frequency and tricky words, and additional letter/s–sound correspondences, are drip-fed into the teaching and learning sequence of the 109 included ‘Mini Stories’. Each boxed No Nonsense Phonics Skills set includes 6 copies of each of the nine pupil workbooks, an accompanying Teacher Book for each of the nine pupil workbooks containing additional guidance and example comprehension questions for the Mini Stories, six copies of a laminated A4 table-top Alphabetic Code Chart, and a USB stick containing additional resources and video guidance from author Debbie Hepplewhite. No Nonsense Phonics Skills: • Provides systematic and rigorous phonics teaching and practice with a rich vocabulary • Teaches handwriting linked to the alphabet and to the English alphabetic code • Applies and extends phonics to reading and writing cumulative texts, developing language comprehension at the same time • Includes high-frequency and tricky words, and builds up spelling word banks • Covers the national curriculum requirements for phonics and spelling in Years 1 and 2 • Involves and engages the learner fully and routinely in formative assessment THIS PRODUCT IS VATABLE.


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