The Legend of King Mahabali and the Onam Festival of Kerala


Written by Jean Jackson


A wide range of cross curricular activities to support learning while joining in with this colourful and joyous annual festival.
•    Photocopiable, easy to use materials.
This online resource includes a beautifully illustrated story adapted from an ancient Hindu text. The teaching and learning activities are designed to guide KS2 children through an innovative approach to reading traditional stories and writing narrative. The pack provides teachers with prepared differentiated activities specially designed to support EAL children. There are also step by step instructions for children to make their own hand written book in the style of an ancient palm leaf manuscript.
•    Read the fascinating story of the legendary King Mahabali and his downfall at the hands of the powerful god, Vishnu.
•    Prepare and taste a special Onam Festival dish.
•    Design and make a flower petal mat,
•    Experiment with the vibrant intricacies of Kathakali make up.
•    Find out about the schools and culture of Kerala.
•    Support inter-cultural communicatiion by making links with your local Malayalee community and experience Indian dancing, martial arts and traditional games.
The Legend of King Mahabali and the Onam Festival will help children to find out about life, literature and religion in the Indian state of Kerala, the cultural heritage of our Malayalee children, while, at the same time, improving their reading and writing skills.

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