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Numicon: Breaking Barriers Teaching Handbook
Numicon: Breaking Barriers Assessment and Photocopy Masters

The Numicon Breaking Barriers Teaching Pack comprises a Teaching Handbook and an Assessment and Photocopy Masters book for teachers of children who experience particular difficulties learning maths. The pack provides step-by-step activities and practice, with planning support and assessment, alongside expert advice.


  • Numicon is research-based and proven to have a significant and lasting impact on results.
  • The Teaching Handbook provides a coherent teaching progression, easy-to-follow activities and expert guidance.
  • The Assessment and Photocopy Masters book contains Assessment Signposts, an Individual Record of Progress and a Child Profile as well as Photocopy Masters to support the activities in the Teaching Handbook.
  • Activities are supported by easy to follow instructions and clear illustrations. A list of the concrete objects used to support learning is provided at the start of each activity.

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ISBN: 978-0-19-835411-6

Pack: 240 pages


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