Kampong Ayer (Water Village)


Written by David Weatherly and Nick Sheehan

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 A cross – curricular locality study for Key Stage 1

A requirement of the new Key Stage 1 National Curriculum in Geography is to teach children about a small area of a contrasting non-European country. Kampong Ayer is a fascinating village built on stilts in the middle of a river in Brunei on the tropical island of Borneo in South East Asia. It is an inspirational place for children to learn about. This fully documented and resourced locality study is ready to use in the classroom. It contains everything a teacher will need including vital background knowledge. In particular:

  • Learning is enquiry based and key question led
  • Learning is progressive in terms of knowledge and understanding; concept development and the application of higher order thinking skills
  • Many other areas of Key Stage 1 Geography are also delivered including: continents and oceans; daily weather patterns and climate; hot and dry areas; lines of latitude; the development of subject vocabulary; using maps, atlases and globes; compass directions; aerial photographs; Google Earth and the development of fieldwork skills
  • Meaningful links are also made to other subjects such as English and Science
  • It has been written by a very experienced School Geography Adviser and an Advanced Skills Teacher living and working in Brunei

1 x Kampong Ayer Primary Teaching and Learning Programme book

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