Poetry by Heart

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This resource will help transform poetry sessions, build teacher confidence and pupil engagement.

  • Includes ‘read-aloud’ recordings of over 50 poems, across the series, for use in class
  • Explores a range of wonderful poems using the detailed, step-by-step teaching notes
  • Encourages children to interpret the poems via warm-up activities, discussion and modelling
  • Develops performance techniques, particularly intonation, tone and volume

Each Poetry by Heart pack includes:

  • A Teacher’s Book with comprehensive notes on each poem, photocopiable versions of the poem itself plus a bank of warm-up games and activities geared to each year group
  • A CD-ROM containing audio files of each poem being read aloud in two alternative styles, a bank of warm-up games with visual and audio plus PDFs of the poems for projection onto the whiteboard
  • Includes permanent whole-school licence

Covers Foundation, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2.  Published by Rising Stars.

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Malborough Road Academy on using Poetry by Heart

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